The mission of the Automotive Safety Council is to improve the safety of people through out the world through the development, production and implementation of the latest automotive safety equipment by preventing accidents, protecting occupants and pedestrians when in a collision and to notify emergency responders after the collision when necessary. The mission utilizes voluntary, regulatory and legislative directed use of these life saving products in order to make it available to the most people in the lowest cost manner to save the most people from injuries and fatalities.

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1/21/2019 - Driver Assistance Technologies

Available ADAS Technologies Automatic Emergency Braking Systems What are automatic emergency braking systems?
Automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems detect an impending forward crash with another vehicle in time to avoid or mitigate the crash. These systems first alert the driver to take corrective action and supplements the driver’s braking to avoid the crash. If the driver does not respond, the AEB system may automatically apply the brakes to assist in preventing or reducing the severity of a crash. NHTSA believes these technologies represent the next wave of potentially significant advances in vehicle safety. The AEB systems’

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