Nonprofit leaders are pushing to make it impossible for people to speed :EYES:

Various nonprofit leaders believe that every state community should require a part of their of municipally-owned fleets should have Intelligent Speed Assist technology.

Already required on new cars in Europe and being piloted on city-owned vehicles in NYC, ISA systems use GPS or road-sign recognition cameras to detect the current limit.

Their belief is that if municipalities accept the challenge, that federal regulators will follow right behind regulating all cars to have this technology.

According to Cathy Case, president of the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, this is something that the US is falling behind and needs to catch up.

This is a piece of technology that every parent would say they’d want in their teenagers cars and if that’s the case, we should want it for everybody.

What do you think? What type of limitations would this type of technology have to adjust to? Should this type of tech be regulated in every new vehicle?