Collision Mitigation Braking (CMB)

Collision Mitigation Braking (CMB) technology uses a radar sensor to detect moving and stationary objects, offering brake assist support and limited emergency braking in urban, low-speed driving scenarios. Depending on the relative vehicle speeds, CMB can help to mitigate an impact or avoid a collision.

The CMB radar measures the distance and relative speed of impeding objects, triggering an audible, visual or haptic warning to alert the driver if a potential collision situation is detected. In addition, brake pressure can be applied automatically to the required brake boost to prevent the crash.

In case of an imminent collision, automatic braking support is triggered. CMB is applied at close distance and a speed reduction, with limited deceleration, of up to 20kph can be achieved. CMB technologies include:

  • Radar (either 24 GHz Mid Range Radar or 77 GHz Long Range Radar)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)