No, passive crash sensors are designed to be able to tell if the impact is a crash severe enough to need safey equipment deployed or just a normal event from driving.

The system's sensors are designed to initiate deployment of the supplemental Airbag during significant collisions. The sensors are highly sophisticated and are designed to prevent an accidental inflation when driving over bumps and uneven roads.

A crash sensor consists of tiny accelerometers that can sense the change in de-acceleration of the vehicle and then sends that information to a small computer chip that has a sophisticated software algorithym that determines if the change in acceleration is the right type and magnitude to need the deployment of safety devices.

TPM uses a sensor in each wheel that determines the tire pressure and alerts the driver if it falls below 75% of the recommended inflation pressure.

Vehicles use radar with a much different frequency than aircraft, but the same principal. Most vehicles use 77Ghz or 24Ghz.

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