Passenger Side Module Concept

The MODULE CONCEPT is a passenger airbag module concept that has been developed with a focus on global markets and their collective requirements. This module concept lends itself to have the ability to combine effective restraint performance with smaller dimensions and reduced module weight.
The module design is based on driver airbag Inflator technology, a non-azide, single or dual stage pyro inflator. The inflator output is adaptable in regard to the restraint system requirements. Individual stages and an adjustable gas mass onset coupled with the compact dimensions are typical characteristics and advantages of this airbag module type.

The MODULE CONCEPT is equipped with an uncoated or coated square shape bag that is folded and packed in a particular way. This folding enables a gentle deployment of the airbag which is beneficial for in- position-occupant restraint as well as out-of-position occupants.

All functional components of this advanced module concept are packaged in a low weight plastic housing. The design of this housing has been proven to reduce module weight and provide a robust reaction surface for deployments.