Interiors are an often over looked, but very important part of the safety system of a vehicle. The interior provided padded surfaces to reduce impact energy and are the structural members that support the airbags and seat belts. Interiors are comprised of instrument panels, steering wheels, head liners, door rests, window glazing, seats, trim parts and door locks to just name a few. There are federal safety standards for head impact on designated surfaces, door lock performance during an accident, flammability standards on all parts, window strength and shape/shatter resistance of the glass, steering wheel rim bending loads, seat anchorage strength as well seat track performance. The shape of these parts all contribute to the entire safety system. The ramp of the seat as well as the friction of the fabric influence occupant safety. There are too many design standards to list or discuss on interior components, but be assured, they are engineered with safety performance as a part of the entire system.